The Motown Sports Facility heralds a new era for the Detroit Metro Area, as an urban gathering spot destined to become the new heart of a thriving and expanding community.

Just minutes from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, there is an unparalleled opportunity for cutting-edge hotels, a diverse range of sports and entertainment, dining, and retail options.

About us

Motown Sports Group Holdings, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation founded in 2014 by business owners and former NBA and college basketball players. Our management team has over 150 years of combined business and development experience. We are completely committed to providing communities with continuous improvement while implementing programs that cultivate our youth and families, as well as providing a fun and safe environment.

Motown Sports Group Holdings mission is to establish itself as a world-class sports and entertainment facility by creating jobs and training opportunities for Metro Detroit residents. By creating 2,700+ jobs, we intend to establish an ongoing long-term commitment relationship with future business partners and government bodies. Motown has received a number of letters of support in order to make this project a reality.

Our Facility Will Include

Venue Management Operating Partner

ASM Global is a venue & event management company based in Los Angeles, specializing in managing stadiums, convention centers, theaters, and unique venues.


Campus Wide Coordination
Management partner in charge
Overseeing all aspects of the business
100% coordination of events and activities management

Liaison with Hotel and Retail Partners
Attraction and hosting of major events
Focus on sports tourismJoint bid opportunities
Cooperative sponsorship/premium opportunities

Synergistic Collaboration with SFC
Coordinate activities in the water park, sports complex
Maximizing revenue with operating efficient
Establish "district operations"One coordinated staff

"B2B" Opportunities
Brand building and securing major events with SFC
“go2market” campaign for all district commercial sales
Founding partnerships with major categories
LA Live approach (less is more), campus-wide

“B2C” Initiatives
Local and community brand building
Focus on building community programs
Opportunities for economically/socially distressed populations

Food & Beverage Operations
World class service across campus
Single operator - ease of operations/service
Transformative destination opportunities
Showcase local providers

Development Team & Partnerships