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We have the best mix of skills, expertise and scale to be extremely nimble. We're easy to talk to and work with.






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Project Management and Design

Our multidisciplinary team comprises a range of project management and design professionals from a range of management, technical and creative backgrounds.

The studio is structured to deliver projects from creation to completion.

Consolidated is design-led and can support your project with all design, documentation and shop drawings followed by in-house prototype production, leading to rapid development and testing of cost or creative alternatives.

We're focussed on the application our knowledge and experience to support the time, quality and cost objectives of your project

Our factory

We work as a team to apply our diverse design, project management and fabrication, skills and experience for best project effect. We start every project with the end in mind and then throughout the process refine production methods and outsourced partners. This enables us to offer the best technical and cost effective solutions.

We build in-house and exercise complete control of manufacturing quality from concept design to delivery.